The Summer Starts Today

There is something about the last day of school and the feel of warm early summer mornings that make me think I am going to be spouting off at the mouth much more frequently than I have been... so I have added some extra gadgets to this site to help make me easier to follow..... Well at least to read I have never been easy to follow.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Oneword, I had no idea that one single word could really hold so much power. I never really thought about it. Perhaps it is because we are BOMBARDED with words. they are thrown at us from tall buildings. "Exclusive Offer" flood our in boxes. "FREE - with a purchase" I am told on a daily basis that I am going to "LOVE, Adore, want, need, Must have, desire" things. So much in fact that I had begun to allow words to lose their meaning. I am sorry but when walking down the street if a woman hears the word "FAT" screamed out a passing car window the first thought she has is not.... oh wow they think I am Phat! And Lets not forget the word Slut, but that is a different sort of rant. I am here to tell you people..... Can I get an AMEN from the congregation that you too can remember the power of words...... You too can remember that the meaning of words are rooted in feeling and true desire..... Yes Sisters and Brothers.

I was stumbling through the web and was the crack in my virtual sidewalk and I am glad I tripped. Each day the maker of this site send you a new word. You are given a small amount of time and you write about this one word.

Try it..... the last word I did was torch.

I thought about the photo I added to this blog. If it was one word it would be morning.

One word.... powerful stuff.

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